Telling Our Story is a series of three booklets which explain the translation work of the United Bible Societies. This graphic shows the task of the translator. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (symbolized by the triangle and dove), the Bible translator’s task is to translate the Scriptures from the original languages to the languages of the world.

The Only Lasting Peace was a special Scripture portion prepared for the Bible Societies of Israel and Palestine. The artwork consisted of a series of photographs which illustrated various Bible passages. This one accompanied the stories of the fall and the subsequent death of Abel.

Sunday Gospel Readings was a series of three books especially prepared by UBS staff for Catholic audiences. The design incorporated a monogram defining the 4 steps in the Lectio Divina process.

Reaching for the Third Third was an illustration done for the first issue of Creativity and Design. It began with a pencil sketch that was scanned and placed into Photoshop, where the final rendering was done.

Group Genius is a workshop I’ve done for different areas in the UBS. The idea of the lonely genius working in isolation is a myth. All creativity is the result of group effort. The question is, “How do I form and work with groups to encourage the flow of creative ideas?”

Take Another Look was a series of Scripture portions designed for mass market appeal.  It asked potential readers to look anew at what the Bible says.

What’s Really Behind the DaVinci Code? was produced in conjunction with the release of the controversial film.  It was written and designed as a “toolbox” for national Bible societies. Any and all components were freely available for download and adaptation without any restrictions.