What’s Really Behind the DaVinci Code? was a Bible society response to the controversial book and film that combined a few scattered truths with outright lies and presented it as fact.

This Scripture portion was prepared as a “toolbox” that Bible societies could use in producing a timely response. I selected the passages, wrote the bridge text and did the graphics. 

The idea behind a toolbox is simple:  It is a set of components – consisting of text and graphics – which can be freely used by national Bible societies without restriction. For example:

  • The Bible Society of Pakistan used the text and prepared their own graphics.
  • The Bible Society of India used both the text and graphics, but in a smaller format.
  • The Bible Society of Lebanon produced an Arabic edition.
  • Another Bible society posted the PDFs on their website for any church to download, print and use.

The advantage of the toolbox approach for a fast moving, international event is that it gives Bible societies a jump start in producing a quick response.