Some photographs in Quiet Places, Quiet Times required substantial retouching. This one didn’t. It was just a gorgeous scene on the cost of Barbados.

Thumbnails of all photographs on the back cover.

All text had to be printed in black.

There was a Scripture passage for each day. And each month carried a small highlight from the national Bible society where the accompanying photograph was taken.

Quiet Places, Quiet Times was a devotional calendar which I designed and photographed, along with writing the article entitled “How to Have a Quiet Time.”

Some projects are a joy to do…especially when they involve two weeks travelling from one Caribbean island to another taking photographs!

This was a co-edition, printed in multiple languages. Therefore all interior text had to be printed in black.

If you would like to download a PDF of the entire calendar, click on the link below. This is a concept that is easily transfered to other Bible societies.

Quiet Places, Quiet Times