The leaf and scroll work motif were hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator, and the numbers adapted to fit into the four blocks.

The text on the outside gives the four stages in the Lectio Divina process.

The covers conveyed the concept of “light” and each used a different color scheme.

Each year several concepts were submitted. These are two which didn’t make the cut.

The interior carried through the same graphics as the cover. Books were printed in two colors.

Sunday Gospel Readings with Lectio Divina was a series of three books produced by UBS staff for Catholic audiences and printed in 13 languages.

The theme on the cover images was “light.” Each year carried a dominant color scheme that was carried through into the interior.

I designed the 1234 monogram in a classic style to reflect the nature of “Lectio Divina”, an ancient method of Scripture meditation. The leaf motif was repeated in the interior graphics.

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