This was the first one in the series. At the time we still hadn’t decided on what to call it! One discarded option was “Old Book, New Look.” That logo in the upper left corner definitely needed more work.

I think these two cover concepts are well designed, but they were not accepted because it was felt that “wholeness” needed to be emphasized more than “healing.”

Designing this cover was the most fun of any in the series, possibly because the design solutions were so far from the typical covers often done for Scripture portions.

Designing a cover for love stories in the Bible is a balancing act. How far can the designer go? After all, the Song of Solomon contains some fairly “hot” words!

I usually begin the design process with word lists. And because I’m a bit “old school”, I still work out ideas with pencil and paper. This comes from my sketchbook. After working through word lists, I move on to crude thumbnail sketches (see next slide).

The currencies listed on the previous slide led to this crude thumbnail sketch. Does money really make the world go ’round? What if the world was balanced on all those currency symbols?

I can’t remember which online stock photo site provided this image, but the falling blocks fit perfectly with what I wanted to do.

This is where Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator take over. I removed the letters, colored the blocks, distorted the currency symbols and blurred them sufficiently to match the blocks.

Left: This was the final cover (although the title changed, see next slide).

Right: This unused concept originated back on my original word list under the word “secret.” The contents in the book are streaming out of the vault.

After the design work was done, it became necessary to change all the titles!  This is never pleasant news for a designer.

Fortunately, the new titles didn’t irreparably ruin the design.

Take Another Look was a series first published in German by the German Bible Society. The UBS published the English editions. I was asked to do the design work.

The goal was to package the Scriptures into trade paperbacks similar to those found in airport bookstores.

Book covers like these are a welcome treat for a designer!