The Right Use of Power was a 32-page booklet which I wrote, photographed and designed for the Bible Society of Lesotho, but later used by other African Bible societies.

The cover incorporates traditional African symbols of power, along with a selection of flags from the region.

The text is divided into three sections:

  • To Those With Authority
  • To Those Under Authority
  • Our Model of Authority

Models were secured and photographs taken that illustrated the Biblical text using contemporary figures.

At the end, there is a page entitled “Where to Obtain a Full Bible,” followed by addresses of Bible societies throughout Africa.

The Right Use of Power can be an excellent resource used by national Bible societies in conjunction with national elections. The bridge texts and Scripture passages are not limited to an African context. All that is needed for adaptation to other countries are new internal photographs and cover graphics.

If you would like to look through a low resolution PDF of the booklet, click on the link below.

The Right Use of Power

An excerpt:

In Bible times, pure democracy was not yet known. Governments ranged from benevolent monarchies to harsh, corrupt dictatorships. In his letter to the people of Rome, part of the New Testament, the Apostle Paul nevertheless called for respect and obedience to state authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission.