Designed as a series, each cover shared a common look and format.

The Bible translator’s task is to – through the Holy Spirit’s leading – convert the sacred texts in Hebrew and Greek to the languages of the world.

The diagram shows the steps in the Bible society translation process from initial request to published Bible.

There is a worldwide resource network for Bible society translators that all contribute to the arduous work of Bible translation, illustrated by this diagram.

Bible societies have led the way in developing technical support for Bible translation. The graphic was designed to fit into the same format as other images in the publication.

The third booklet carried stories of how Bible translations have changed lives and communities, such as Papua, Indonesia.

Telling Our Story is a series of three booklets which tell of Bible society translation work, with the following themes: The Anatomy of Translation, The Face of Translation and Changed Lives and Changed Communities.

Graphics were designed to create an internal visual consistency through each booklet and to make it relatively easy for translation into other languages. In some cases they were designed to explain the translation task.

If you would like to see a low resolution PDF of the first booklet, click on the link below:

The Anatomy of Translation