In co-editions all text must be in black, so that the printing press can add a new language edition by only changing the black printing plate.

The key is to make a co-edition not look like a co-edition!

The booklet commemorated the cooperation between the Vatican and UBS, made possible by Dei Verbum. The cover graphics symbolized this agreement.

Since different languages require differing amounts of space for the same text,  the interior design works from the middle to the top and bottom edges.

Working Together for the Word was a UBS publication which commemorated 40 years of cooperation in Bible translation between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies.

At the Second Vatican Council in 1965, a document was produced that is known as Dei Verbum. This document opened the way for an agreement with the Vatican that has led to decades of fruitful work.

The booklet was a co-edition produced in multiple languages. It was a design challenge! All color graphics had to be the same and a design was required that allowed for differing amounts of text.

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