You’re Not Alone was a short booklet that I wrote, illustrated and designed for the Bible Societies of the Caribbean. It was published in several languages.

Children who are the victims of divorce often suffer a variety of emotions. Some blame themselves for their parents’ breakup.

You’re Not Alone was written and designed as a short workbook that can be used alone or in conjunction with someone else.

The interior art was done to simulate sketches and pasted-in photographs that a young person might put into a personal diary.

At the end of each section, there is a place where the boy or girl can write a letter to God expressing his or her emotions. And at the end of the booklet, there is a page entitled “Where You Can Get a Complete Bible,” followed by addresses of Bible societies in the Caribbean.

If you would like to look through a low resolution PDF of the interior pages, click on the link below.

You’re Not Alone, Interior Pages

An excerpt:

…one of your parents has left…and now you are left with a roller coaster of emotions: anger, embarrassment, bitterness, denial, even guilt.

Perhaps you are thinking……no one understands me.…it’s my fault.…I feel abandoned.…what lies ahead? You may not want to talk about these things.

But you need to.